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  • Escaping

    "escaping" Also today (12th April) is international day of human space flight! 56 years ago Juri Gagarin was the first human in space

  • Sa Pa

    boys herding their water buffalos in Sa Pa, Vietnam

  • katha

  • farewell to the fairground

    Hasselblad 500CM, Portra 800

  • If You Fall Harder I Fall Harder Print

    „If You Fall Hard I Fall Harder“, A3 print, 300g fine art paper, limited on 15 pieces, signed and numbered, 80€ with free world-wide shipping! Pm for details www.davidschermann.com/prints

  • Buanne

    For Buanne Bags (www.buanne.com) www.davidschermann.com

  • the feeling when we lift off

    I love the feeling when we lift off Watching the world so small below I love the dreaming when I think of The safety in the clouds out my window www.davidschermann.com